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Built Athletics 4 Week Lean Nutrition Program

Over the next 28 days you will join me eating clean to get lean. As with my training, mental, and supplement strategies, the nutrition program has evolved from my books, DTP, Muscle Builder Video Trainer, 12-Week Hardcore Trainer, and my success and clients’ success to create something quite extraordinary—a precise and periodical nutrition plan that I personally prove is possible to be ripped in 4 weeks.

I don’t swap my training program for Pilates, inadequate supplements don’t replace premium grade, and I would never allow a cheat meal during this training plan. If you want to take your foot off the gas and justify your complacency to yourself because other “experts” told you so, go follow their plans and see if it gets you the results my clients attain. Like anything worth doing, you have to work for it and suffer for your work of art. We can’t gain extraordinary results with ordinary nutrition.

You will see me consume some meals and I will explain what to eat and when, but first you need to clear out your cupboards, invest in Tupperware, shakers, drink bottles, cool bags, a food scale, measuring cups, ice blocks, and preparation so you can supercharge your shred program.

Your food will be relatively basic except for the recommended condiments, herbs and spices, and 6-meals-per-day plan. Your macros split will look like this over the coming weeks:

Your training days will require more fuel to power your workouts and recover from the muscle breakage. The training will intensify week by week but your calories will slowly reduce as your bodyweight does, and we will be using fat as fuel and taking in just enough calories to maintain muscle. Our cortisol levels will rise during the following 28 days so it’s imperative that your nutrition is 100% at all times, non-training and training days included.

Although simple to follow, I have the formula down to a science. Below is a simple formula for you to follow when calculating your calories per day. The reason why fats aren’t included in this calculation is because I do not allow any fats further than the naturally occurring ones you may find in your protein sources, especially if you eat salmon or lean cuts of steak, which I recommend you don’t eat more than once per day.


Nutrition Calculator

Weight in Pounds:


WEIGHT: Enter Your Weight pounds
PROTEIN: 0g of lean protein per day. (1.18 g x lbs of body weight)
CARBS: 0g of starch carbs daily. ( x lbs of body weight)


Daily protein requirements:

1.18 x lb of body weight
Example: 200 lb x 1.18 = 236 g of lean protein per day

Daily complex carb requirements:

Week 1:

0.65 x lb of body weight
Example: 200 lb x .65 = 130 g of starch carbs daily

Week 2:

0.58 x lb of body weight
Example: 200 lb x .58 = 116 g of starch carbs daily

Week 3:

0.53 x lb of body weight
Example: 200 lb x .53 = 106 g of starch carbs daily

Carb depletion and loading process for “after” images.
Week 4:

0.47 x lb of body weight (for 2 days)

Example: 200 lb x .47 = 94 g of starch carbs daily

.35 x lb of body weight (for 2 days)

Example: 200 lb x .35 = 70 g of starch carbs daily

0.28 x lb of body weight (for 2 days)
Example: 200 lb x .28 = 56 g of starch carbs daily

0.50 x lb of body weight (for 1 day)

photo day—morning carb up to fill out

Example: 200 lb x .50 = 100 g of starch carbs daily

*Eat as many green vegetables as you need to keep you full (graze on vegetables all day).

**Lightly dip in an acceptable dressing/mustard, etc. (if needed for flavor)

*Don't add any fats. You will be in balance by the natural fat in the clean foods listed during this short 4-week period, plus we don't want the extra calories.

*Cook EVERY meal yourself for the entire 4 weeks (no restaurants if possible). Just one meal that is prepared off spec takes 2 days to get your body back in the zone.

*Eat only natural meats during the 4-week shred. Find a quality local butcher and have them trim all cuts to keep extra lean.

*Eat plenty of leafy green vegetables during the 4 weeks.

*No dairy, wheat, or gluten (anti-inflammatory diet).

Grocery Shopping List


Lean steak
Whey Protein Isolate
Egg whites

For Vegetarians:

Additional to Whey Isolate, Casein, and egg whites
Low-fat cottage cheese/paneer

Complex Carbohydrates

Sweet potato

Fibrous Carbohydrates



Green tea
Black coffee (No more than 2 per day)
Coconut water (No more than 600 ml per day)
Bottled water