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Bottle - Supplements to Maximize Your Training

Supplements to Maximize Your Training

How To Maximize Your Training

If you are looking to add mass, you may be tempted to push for a PR with every session. But on your quest for gain, it's important to understand that there is more to building muscle than just the amount of weight you are adding to your exercises.


This means weight, intensity and form should all be in alignment. Tension should be on the designated target muscle group, and form should not sacrificed to complete the lift.


Pushing through metabolic fatigue is just as beneficial to your muscle growth as pushing major weight. Since metabolic stress stimulates the production and release of anabolic hormones, pushing through fatigue using lower weight at higher reps, or to failure, is an important component to building muscle mass. Utilizing a quality pre-workout that supports sustained energy throughout your training will enhance your performance on these types of lifts.


The goal is to continue to increase your intensity, without over-training or exhausting your muscles. In order to do so, you have to fuel your body with effective recovery in mind. This includes your intra-workout and post-workout nutrition, as well as your protein and macro-nutrient intake throughout the day. Incorporating foods and supplements that minimize unwanted inflammation will also allow for quicker recovery and continued training intensity.

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