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Bowmar Clear Skin Cocktail | | bowmar collagen, bowmar nutrition, clear skin

Bowmar Clear Skin Cocktail

Bowmar Nutrition has made traveling with supplements pretty easy so far, with all the sample packets that are offered on the website and the small containers that come with the shaker bottles. These make traveling so much easier. But, could you imagine three supplements in one traveling packet? No need to imagine! If you enjoy Bowmar Nutritions Greens, Collagen and Immunity support, we now have an option to buy packets that have all three of those in one packet! This is so great for a busy lifestyle, if you travel often or if you are just going on a trip and want to make it a little easier.

Taking supplements traveling can be a hassle, especially if it is a busy trip and you take more than a few supplements but you can bring the CSC with you anywhere you would like, if you are going on a boat, a bus, a tour, a business meeting. You can bring it with you so much easier than before. All you need is a bottle of water to mix it with!

You can even just bring them to work and leave them at your desk, mornings can be busy and this can make it just a little easier.

If you haven’t tried the Clear Skin Cocktail and are thinking about trying it here are the benefits:

Immunity Support: Boost your immune system, contains 5 essential vitamins which are: Vitamins, A,B5, C, D & E and 4 vital minerals: Biotin, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese

Collagen: Supports bone and joint health, restores hair, skin & nails and revitalizes gut health!

Greens: Provides Extra Nutrients, 13 vegetable and fruit sources and supports the nervous system.

This is a great combination of supplements and it is best taken in the morning before your first meal!