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So Let's Talk About Fat Burners!

Fat Burners are often thought of as "Magic Pills" that burn off all that extra fat we outdoorsmen store over the hibrination months, and make our lives easier come season. Well I hate to break it to you but they are not "Magic Pills," they are just supplements that should 'supplement' a good diet and training plan. 

Do they work? Absolutely. Burners are filled with key ingredients to help target fatty acids and push your body to use those as a fuel source, but they aren't going to work by themselves. If you stay at a slight calories deficit, eat clean, stick to a training plan (not all cardio), and stay on track, burners will boost you to your goals faster. 

When we started Built4TheHunt we set out with the goal to be the go-to marketplace and resource for the Outdoorsman and woman, to go research and purchase the gear and supplements that will work best for them. Fat Burners are a PRIME example of a product that you should research before you buy because they are not all the same, and just because this one works well for your friend, it doesn't mean that it will work well for you!

We will take a much more in depth look at Burners in an article being published later this week but let's break down the options on the site to help you in deciding what one you should consider for your goals.

First understand that there are really only two types of Fat Burners: those with stimulants (caffiene), and stimulant-free Fat Burners. Caffeine is the 'Go-To' for most burners because is known to increase your metabolism and help your body use fat for fuel. That sounds great, but if you are a person that already consumes more than a single cup of coffee or a couple energy drinks a day, then you probably should look at options with lower caffeine doses or even stimulant-free Burners. (We'll sort them out below)

Another ingredient to look at and consider is YYohimbine. It is a stimulant that is well known to produce significant fat loss, especially in those 'stubborn areas,' where fat cell receptors don't mobilize and fight with everything they have. You should approach this ingredient with caution however, especially if you are prone to anxiety, as a couple of the side effects is that Yohimbine has been known to increase anxiety and cause that jittery feeling that is no fun.

So let's take a quick look at the options and let you take it from there.

We are guessing you probably drink coffee or some sort of caffinated drinks throughout the day, but if you still need a little boost and extra energy, we have a couple options that have caffiene limited to 100mg and offer many benefits from other ingredients that boost metabolism and weight loss. None of these options have Yohimbine either. Those options are pictured here and would be: Heat by Bucked Up, Keto Burn by Now Keto, and Expidition Energy by Wildness Nutrition. 

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Stimulant-Free? Yeah we have a great one there. 

Legion Athletics offers products that are all third party scientifically reviewed, and focus on making sure their supplements offer "clinically effective doses," of all their ingredients. Phoenix is no different and this product focuses on the use of other ingredients that break down fat cells and help boost your fat loss success.


Now if you aren't a big caffeine drinker already or you regularly need extra energy, then MTN OPS Blaze and Legion's Forge are worth the look. It is important to note though that these are two VERY different products.

Blaze is more the traditional Burner that focuses on caffeine and EGCG (the ingredient in Green Tea that promotes the breakdown of fatty acids) as their way to help boost you to your weight loss goals. 

Just to cap this all off, know that Fat Burners are great supplements that can help you shed the pounds faster, but they absolutely cannot fix a broken diet! They are supplements that will help boost you to your goals and help get you ready for the mountain and reach your goals when everything else is reasonably in tune.


Nutritional Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Information presented in this article is based on scientifically published literature and is not intended to be used for specific individual nutrition counseling needs.