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Breaking Down Pre Workouts

So many Supplements, what do I need?!!

Look we get it. With so much marketing and so many options out there and so much misinformation to push you buy products it’s hard to decide what you actually need to help get the most out of your supplements and reach your goals faster. Because well, there’s no need to waste money on stuff that you aren’t really benefiting from right?

So first, understand that the companies and products that we have on the website or from brands that back and support the industry in our rights, and they also offer the products that we have researched and know will help you reach your goals no matter what that is.

Let's look at some Pre-Workout options and help guide you to what will be your best option...

There are a ton of options out there and knowing what one you will like and work best for you is nearly impossible without taking the time to learn what ingredients you need for your type and goals. To scale that back a little, just focus on these things:

  • Caffeinated or Stimulant Free?
  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain?
  • Endurance or Immediate impact?

Just from looking at these questions we can point you in a direction. Stimulant free options and the TruWild motion are going to be better for energy over time and not drive that instant impact some people want to throw weights around in the gym. 

Other options such as Ignite and PreMtn provide additional vitamins and enough ingredients such as L-Arginine & Beta-Alanine to boost pump and recovery but not the heavily dosed options you would want if you're trying to gain size.

To understand why we say that you have to become familiar with the term "clinically effective doses." Think of this like the IBO Speed rating of a bow. If a bow is rated at 340 FPS, the only way to reach that speed is with everything from draw weight, to length, to arrow weight, being at optimal amounts. If you decrease the draw length or weight, the arrow speed will be slower. 
Looking to gain muscle mass and strength? Well then the above options aren't for you, but the four below are another story.

With a preworkout, your muscles will gain their optimal performance if certain ingredients in the preworkout are at clinically effective doses. L-Citrulline Malate for example is the top product for nitric oxide boost, which opens up your blood vessels to increase circulation to your muscles, thus increasing growth and strength. If you're really trying to put on size, the clinically effective dose of L-Citrulline Malate should be 6g-8g per day. If your pre-workout is only giving you 2 grams per day, well that's decreasing the draw weight of your bow more than in half and your speed just isn't going to be there. 

These are just the simplified basics but we wanted to give you a jump to where you should look with your pre-workout to get the most out of your buck.  

Nutritional Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Information presented in this article is based on scientifically published literature and is not intended to be used for specific individual nutrition counseling needs.