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Boost Testosterone and Redefine “Dad Bod”

Boost your testosterone and redefine the dad bod. Do you miss the glory days; back when recovering from workouts felt easy?

When you brush your teeth in the morning, do you hog the mirror to assure yourself that the dad bod is in?

If any of these things apply, then you might be suffering from what leading experts define as a rut. This quote-un-quote rut could be because you’re just now realizing that you never truly followed your dreams and live a dispassionate life (wow, that got heavy), but it’s more likely nothing but an easily treatable symptom.

You have low testosterone.

Despite what some uneducated folk might have you believe, testosterone goes far beyond the gym. Typical symptoms of low testosterone are:

  • Lethargy
  • Weakness
  • Depression
  • Changes in sleep habits
  • Increasing body fat and decreasing muscle mass
  • Low sex drive (libido)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Don’t blame yourself for your dad bod

Maybe it was a gradual decline or maybe it hit you out of nowhere; one day you realized that the same dad bod you vowed you’d never succumb to crept over your lean body mass and started weighing you down in health, bedroom, and even work.

These things don’t happen overnight. They occur over a series of sacrifices made in a worthwhile exchange: baller bachelor to badass father.

  • When you’d planned to eat chicken breast, but your kids wanted to get pizza, you put them first.
  •  You wanted to train on a Tuesday night, but that’s $5 dollar Tuesday at the theaters and it’s some of the prime time you get to spend with the older kids. Naturally, you went super dad.
  • You picked up extra hours to give your family the life they deserve, then when you got home after a ten hour day, you were too exhausted to exercise. 
  • Then there’s sports, drama, music class, etc. You couldn’t put all that on your partner, so you took on that weight and left the gym weights behind.

Even though you know you’d look better with a pump and know how to get your hands on some solid pump-focused routines, what you gave so much weight as a single guy just hasn’t mattered as much. But now it’s taking its toll. You struggle to wake up, and once you do the checklist seems neverending.

  • drink coffee 
  • drop the kids off at school   
  • slog over to a job you hate  
  • unhealthy lunch 
  • energy drink  
  • come home to pizza  
  • put on a Netflix show you only watch because your kids like it.  
  • Go to the gym ………ehhhh, maybe tomorrow.

You get everything done for everyone else, but you simply don’t have the energy to do things for your own health. It says next to nothing about your work ethic, discipline or whatever. You just use up all your drive for others. And every year it gets more difficult because age works against you, whittling away at your testosterone.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. Unlike The Dark Knight, you can be the dad they deserve AND the dad they need.

As much as I love Batman, he’s not exactly a role model (especially for a dad). Here’s the thing: when Batman takes off the mask and steps into the role of Bruce Wayne, he still has Batman lurking in the back of his mind. He takes his work home with him, and like most guys, his sacrifices weigh on his relationships. 

On the other hand, Superman is only the nerdy journalist when at work. (yes, Louis Lane calls him Clark, but he is ALWAYS Superman). He leaves that alter-ego at the office when he clocks out so he can commit to the important things; saving the world, spending time with his loved ones, then saving the world a few more times.

Be Superdad, not Batdad.

Why not take something that will give you the energy to start conquering life again? Fitness, cognition, bedroom, business, loving your kids, loving your significant other, but most of all loving yourself. 




To reiterate; your dad bod is not your fault. Testosterone declines after the age of 25 naturally, so even if you were eating as clean and training as hard as you were in your bachelor days, making gains would still be difficult. Obviously eating well, and choosing a diet that works for you would help, but that boost could definitely help.

Don’t blame yourself. Blame biology. Then throw it the middle finger and retake what age stole from you.



After all, just because you’re in a rut now, doesn’t mean you have to sit there and dwell on it. Support groups are out there…and since attending them is a miserable experience, we have supplements to keep you from ever sinking that far.



That supplement, my friend, is called RUT.



Boost your testosterone with RUT



Formulated to elevate your testosterone to a healthy baseline — then a little more — RUT has been designed for those seeking more than the average ‘dad bod’ way of life ( if you want to have an average testosterone booster, you’re on the wrong page, maybe try C…am I allowed to say “C4” right there?).

Designed to optimize your life, not just make it bearable, RUT will help you help yourself. Climb out of the trenches of self-doubt so you can see the horizon — where all the age-defying gains are.



Why choose the testosterone booster, RUT?



With all the Test Boosters on the market today, how are we supposed to possibly know which one is right for us?



The same way you would know anything. Read, research, and just like when picking your foods, which is really just a nerdy way of saying the ingredient label.

Lucky for everyone but the ‘competition’, we use a non-proprietary blend of clinically dosed awesomeness. 

Aside from that, however, the biggest difference between us and them is that most test boosters are stuck in a rut of outdated ingredients that don’t actually provide any help.

RUT, on the other hand, is specifically designed to take you from where you’re at now up to the Everest-like heights of peak testosterone levels. Whether you’re already at the summit, or you’ve been too tired to get off the couch, when you take RUT, you’re destining yourself to greatness.

There’s a lot of reasons to choose the Bucked Up testosterone booster. Let’s focus on the three big hitters



  1. Tongkat Ali: This has been shown to be especially effective in making getting your free testosterone levels up to baseline. Getting testosterone to a healthy level is the first objective when trying to grow, excel in life, and get lean. A lot of companies ignore this step in the process, and the person who suffers from this neglect is you.
  2. Ashwagandha
     While Tongkat Ali helps take you to a healthy baseline, Ashwagandha pushes you to that next level of supremacy. This supercharged ingredient is the only supplement on the market that the FDA has put its mark of approval as a legitimate testosterone booster. This is done in large part to its impressive impact on cortisol — the stress hormone Not only that, it also has neuroprotective qualities to protect against oxidative stress in the brain, and promotes restorative sleep.
  3. Iron and D3: Unlike most test boosters, RUT doesn’t overlook the “boring” vitamins just to be more exciting. RUT ensures your Iron and D3 levels are balanced; when these are out of balance, your entire hormonal system can be thrown in chaos.

Go check out all the top test boosters available at and drop the dad bod and get your swagger back!