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The Healthy Weight Loss Stack is not for couch potatoes dreaming of fat loss, crash dieters, or those who sacrifice well-being for a single event. The Healthy Weight Loss Stack is for those who seek ULTIMATE fat loss AND value their health.

Fused using only the best supplements, this powerful stack starts with STAG/DOE, a full spectrum multivitamin to give you a solid foundation. Then equips you with HEAT, our revolutionary fat burner for boosted metabolism, thermogenesis -- and more. Know this! No fat loss supplements work unless you do. That’s why Healthy Weight Loss Stack combines three epic supplements to make sure you get the most from your hard work: Deer Antler Spray keeps you feeling recovered and ready to attack goals, BUCKED UP Pre-Workout delivers everything you need to maximize even the most grueling workouts. And lastly, RACKED BCAAs delay muscle fatigue while rapidly ramping up your fat loss -- by tricking your body into using its fat stores for energy as well as providing serious sweat amplification.

Reach new body fat percentage lows without feeling rundown, bust through plateaus and reach new motivation highs. Accomplish every one of your goals with BUCKED UP’s Healthy Weight Loss Stack.


You know the importance of a healthy body fat percentage; in wellness, longevity, and quality of life. You understand the impact six-pack abs have on daily life. How others perceive you, and more importantly, how you perceive yourself! You want those astounding benefits for yourself.

You’ve chosen well. Our Healthy Weight Loss Stack is an astonishing achievement of supplemental mastery. This combination of revolutionary supplements will help you chisel the masterpiece that you know your physique can be.

Know this! As proven as our supplements are, there’s no such thing as a magic pill. If anyone tells you otherwise, feel free to throw them under the bus -- the world could use less snake-oil salesmen. You have to do the work. Period. There’s no way around that.

Thankfully, if you’re reading this, you’re like us. You want to do the work. You love the challenge, because you believe in yourself. We respect that. We believe in you too. Here’s what else we believe; hard work should be rewarded. That’s where our Healthy Weight Loss Stack shines; whatever work you put in, our Healthy Weight Loss Stack matches it. You do 30 minutes of cardio, we want to make sure you get 60 minutes worth of results

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