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The BUCKED UP Simple Stack is perfect for anyone wanting to conquer their health & fitness goals. By specifically selecting supplements to supercharge your quest for peak physical conditioning, we have masterminded the ULTIMATE way to maximize your results! The Simple Stack gives you a powerful pre-workout to kick your training intensity up to eleven. The stack then keeps your muscles going even during the most grueling of sessions, with our trusted BCAAs. Completing this superb stack is our delicious, lean whey protein, OG Buck Feed. Stack up and build your greatness (aka GET GAINZ).


Sometimes it’s the simplest of changes that yield the most results. That was the idea we had in mind while puzzling together this powerful stack. We asked ourselves, “What THREE supplements would yield the greatest results?”

To achieve this epic feat, we ran tests and trials. A few things we discovered: The stack needed to be easy to remember, stupidly simple, powerful AF, and universally needed. That’s when it dawned on us.

The way to successfully equip you for success....Maximize results by optimizing your anabolic window! Sometimes referred to as the “Hours of Exponential Growth: Where Everything You Do Has A Significantly Greater Impact On Your Overall Physique,” the Anabolic Window consists of three parts:

  • Pre-Workout: hour leading up to your training session
  • Intra-Workout: time that elapses while training
  • Post-Workout: hour following your training session

With the Simple Beginner’s Stack, you will be ready in the three most important areas. The only remaining question is: How long will you wait before you actually take action and claim your gainz?


BUCKED UP Pre-Workout

Flagship Formula Pre-Workout. Energy. Endurance. Focus. Pump. BUCKED UP® was developed with two purposes in mind. To take your workouts to the next level -- check. And be the best possible pre workout on the market -- also check. Effective for serious athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone else looking for pump, focus, energy, and growth, BUCKED UP® is the pre-workout everyone can agree on. Approximately 200mg caffeine per serving.

  • Epic Energy
  • Endless Endurance
  • Priceless Pumps
  • Flawless Focus
  • Power, Performance, and Strength




Intra-Workout: The “Original” BCAAs

If you never dedicate as much attention to your workout RECOVERY as you should, then you are fighting an uphill battle. The answer to ease your ascension toward physical greatness is here. The “Original” BCAAs have been clinically proven to to help slow muscle protein breakdown and ramp up protein synthesis, leading to greatly accelerated muscle recovery. The Original BCAAs can help delay muscle fatigue, allowing you to push harder than ever before, for longer.

  • May aid in fat loss
  • May delay muscle fatigue
  • Encourage optimal performance
  • Accelerate protein synthesis
    Improve muscle recovery
  • Muscle growth

2:1:1 Ratio — Plant Based — Zero Sugar — Keto Friendly — Zero Calorie — GMP Certified


Post-Workout Buck FEAST Whey Protein

Buck FEast Meal Replacement combines 37 premium grams of hormone-free Whey Protein with Deer Antler Velvet Powder to help maximize your results — build and maintain muscle, optimize fat-loss, fuel healthy lifestyle. Throw in 31g of carbs to restore depleted glucose levels, in a combined 350 calorie muscle building shake will have you at your goals in no time! 

Whether you’re a boring vanilla, a traditionalist chocolate, or a swole-whip loving revolutionary, we got you. Original Buck Feed delivers mouth-watering flavors. Because achieving goals should be delicious.

  • Healthy Meal Replacement
  • Post-Workout Recovery
  • 37g High Quality Whey Protein
  • May aid in fat loss
  • Delicious Snack to Curve Cravings


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Bucked Up Beginner Stack